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A brief overview of the different options available within our tour range!
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One hour cruises departing daily from Wellers Rock Wharf on the Otago Peninsula. 

Our focus is the local royal albatross, nz furseal and otago shag breeding colonies located at Taiaroa Head. Along the way you'll enjoy views of volcanic cliffs with the South Island's first lighthouse perched high above.

Out at sea we also frequently spot other albatross and seabirds. We occasionally see nz sealions, blue penguins, hectors and dusky dolphins.

Complimentary warm jackets and binoculars are provided on the boat.
Free wifi and multi-language information sheets are available.

This is a SELF-DRIVE OPTION for people with their own transport.
- also features in all of our half & full day tour options.


Scenic bus tour

Hop aboard one of our comfortable buses as our experienced local guides show off the jewel that is the Otago Peninsula.

You'll travel past quaint townships, farmland and forest with great views of our rugged coastline and stunning harbour.

A commentary is given on the area, it's local history and other interesting stories are provided throughout your journey.

Your driver appreciates any questions you might have.

Features in all summer half day & full day premium tours.


Otago harbour cruise

90 minutes cruising the length of the beautiful Otago Harbour, known to be the most picturesque harbour in NZ.

You'll enjoy views of the city, historic fishing villages, tiny islands, busy commercial ports and stunning coastal hills.

Your crew will tell you about the local Maori and European history, the area's volcanic past, our native creatures, and other interesting Dunedin tales and highlights.

We offer complimentary hot drinks & a biscuit along the way. A full range of beverages and snacks are available from our fully licensed bar/galley. Free wifi is also available.

Features in T2, T2P, 2L, T3, T3L tours (season dependent).


Larnach castle tour

Our expert guides will take you on a journey back in time, hear the story of the rich, turbulent and scandalous lives of the Larnach family.

Enjoy the history and superb craftsmanship of NZ’s only castle. Explore the beautiful rooms which have been painstakingly restored to their former glory.

Climb to the parapets for 360 degree views down the Otago Peninsula. Explore the beautiful gardens which are recognised as being internationally significant.

Hot beverages and snacks are available from the ballroom cafe.

Available all year: 2L, 2LP, T3L



Enjoy a 90 minute guided walking tour of a Yellow-eyed Penguin conservation reserve.

Discover why they are the most endangered penguin in the world and what is being done to save this quirky, beautiful species.

Visit the on-site wildlife rehabilitation centre where they care for sick and injured birds. Your guide will then take you into the conservation reserve for a great opportunity to see a Yellow-eyed Penguin and their nesting sites.

Medium fitness is required. You may have to climb 90 steps and walk up to a kilometre over unsealed paths.

Available all year: T2P, 2LP, T3, T3L, YEP combo



From the comfort of one of our buses, you will explore different bays and inlets on the Otago Peninsula.

Along the way we aim to spot local and international shorebirds. Some birds will travel from as far as Alaska to use these intertidal zones, other species can be spotted nowhere else in the world.

Available all year: T3, T3L



Learn about the secret life of the Northern Royal Albatross.

Join a 60 minute guided tour of the Royal Albatross Centre.

Starting with a short movie and then a visit to the observatory on Taiaroa Head.

From the comfort of the enclosed observatory you will watch as these massive birds soar past the hillside. Watch as they land at their nest sites and interact with their chicks and other Royal Albatross.

Available all year: DAC combo, SD, T3, T3L



As the sun drops below the horizon your guide will give a brief talk about the Blue Penguin, the smallest of all penguin species.

Then a short walk down a few flights of stairs will take you to the outdoor viewing platform. Soon after you arrive the penguins will return ashore in large groups. Watch as they scurry up the beach past the platform to their burrows.

Photography is allowed at this colony, but not with a flash.

October to March: Sundowner Package